Reinvention is Product Management

Ha-Hoa Hamano, Senior Product Manager at NPR, shares her approach to meeting the changing needs of users and how she rallies stakeholders around key product decisions.


  • How is NPR adapting to changing consumer behavior and needs? (7:00)
  • How does Ha-Hoa seize new market opportunities while also operating within budget? (9:40)
  • What are some best practices for rallying your team around key product decisions? (13:30)
  • What’s most challenging about reinventing long-established products? (16:15)
  • How does Ha-Hoa incorporate experimentation into her product development process? (19:20)
  • What predictions does Ha-Hoa have for the future of digital media? (23:30)

Ha-Hoa Hamano

Senior Product Manager at NPR

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