Prioritizing Opportunities is Product Management

It’s not really about who has the best ideas, it’s about who can actually get ideas in front of customers and validate them the fastest.

Charles Battle, Senior Director of Product Management at LendingTree, shares how he evaluates new opportunities, conducts business case analysis, and runs split tests on live products.

At LendingTree, ideas are everywhere. Ideas come from user interviews, data analysis, and various stakeholders, Charles says.

However, engineering time, the most previous resourse of most product teams, is scarce.

That’s why Charles is so strategic about evaluating ideas. He shares his playbook for evaluating ideas and prioritizing them. Charles begins his analysis by asking:

While many product teams rely on dense PowerPoint presentations to make major decisions, Charles and his teams run small, low-risk experiments to learn what users actually want. He says that the teams that get their ideas in front of users the fastest are usually the most successful.

Charles shares how he runs experiments throughout the product life cycle. The techniques that he discusses include:

Charles and his colleagues at LendingTree run over 400 tests per year! “Data wins arguments here”, he says.

You’ll learn a lot from this episode about prioritization, culture, and data-driven product management.

Here are the highlights:

Charles Battle

Senior Director of Product Management at LendingTree

Charles’s Recommended Resources on Prioritizing Opportunities

What Charles is Reading and Listening To Right Now

Charles’s Favorite New Product Outside of Work

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