Making Tradeoffs is Product Management

The technology changes but the problems are still the same.

Wayne Greene, former Senior Director of Product Management at VMware, discusses how he approaches roadmap prioritization, allocating resources across a portfolio of products, and communicating decisions with key stakeholders.

Wayne has held product leadership positions at Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, and VMware where he has worked on software, hardware, and services businesses. More recently, he wrote a book called “From Product Management to Product Leadership”, wherein he discusses how making important product decisions often requires making tradeoffs.

Wayne says that there are fewer tradeoffs that need to be made when you’re a startup managing a single product than when you’re at large company managing a portfolio of products at different stages. He discusses how he’s made important decisions in challenging situations, such as:

Wayne discusses forming a cross-functional product leadership group to collaborate on important decisions, establishing a core philosophy, conducting regular reviews of product plans, being explicit about the tradeoffs that you need to make, and discussing the decision with every stakeholder.

You’ll learn a lot from this episode about strategic decision making and stakeholder management.

Here are the highlights:

Wayne Greene

former Senior Director of Product Management at VMware

Wayne’s Recommended Resources on Making Tradeoffs

What Wayne is Reading Right Now

Wayne’s Favorite New Products Outside of Work

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