Making Change is Product Management

That was then, but this is now, and now we have to change.

Amy Radin, former Chief Innovation Officer at Citi, and Author of “The Change Maker’s Playbook,” discusses the most important skills for leading a digital transformation, and how to get cover to build great products.

It’s easy to keep doing things the way that they’ve always been done. This is particularly true at a large company where legacy processes and layers of communication get in the way of execution.

Amy says that in order to make change, leaders need enable their teams to do impactful work. That’s what new book, “The Change Maker’s Playbook,” is all about.

Amy knows a thing or two about making change and getting things done after working as Chief Innovation Officer at Citi and E-Trade, and US Chief Marketing Officer at AXA.

I was thrilled to ask her about her experiences and the lessons from her new book.

In a corporate environment, Amy says that it’s important to both get executive sign-off and be resourceful.

She brought people from across her organization to the table and helped them feel like they were part of the solution.

This helped Amy get the sign-offs that she needed and get cover for her team to get things done.

You’ll learn a lot from this episode about leadership, recruiting top talent, and launching new ventures.

Here are the highlights:

Amy Radin

Former Chief Innovation Officer at Citi and Author of “The Change Maker’s Playbook”

Amy’s Recommended Resources on Making Change

What Amy is Reading Right Now

Amy’s Favorite New Product Outside of Work

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