Jobs to Be Done is Product Management

Karen Dillon, Contributing Editor of Harvard Business Review and co-author of Competing Against Luck, dissects the most common problems with corporate innovation efforts and shares how understanding customers’ job to be done can help product teams make better decisions.


  • How does Karen use Disruption Theory to help companies innovate? (2:50)
  • What are the most common corporate innovation strategies today? (5:35)
  • How does “jobs to be done” inform product and feature development? (7:30)
  • How can companies discover their customers’ jobs to be done? (9:30)
  • What companies have successfully adopted the “jobs to be done” framework? (11:30)
  • What are best practices for adopting the “jobs to be done” framework? (13:00)
  • How can product teams track their progress towards helping customers’ achieve their “jobs to be done”? (15:30)

Karen Dillon

Contributing Editor of Harvard Business Review and co-author of Competing Against Luck

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