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Incubation is Product Management

By keeping the process different from the rest of the company, and keeping many of the people different from the rest of the company, we’ve been able to avoid the innovator’s dilemma and have a more vibrant innovation program.”

Jeremiah Zinn, Chief Product Officer at Bark & Co., shares the incubation process his company has built to enable continuous innovation and the methodology they use to validate new product concepts.


  • Why does Jeremiah use the term incubation and what does the process look like? (3:03)
  • How does this process overcome the “innovator’s dilemma”, namely focussing too much on solving current needs and not foreseeing future needs? (6:55)
  • How does incubation sit and function within the greater organization? (9:35)
  • How does bark beta (their incubation system) validate new concepts? (11:55)
  • How does Jeremiah’s organization’s new product development process compare to how startups use lean methodologies? (16:15)

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