Getting Strategy Right is Product Management

“It is vital that people who are in product roles be able to look at what’s going on with the business, identify what that future state ought to be and create a pathway to get there.

Steven Haines, CEO of Sequent Learning Networks and the author of The Product Manager’s Survival Guide, shares how to set and execute a strategy and how to bake customer insights into a product roadmap.


  • What is strategy and why is it an integral part of product management? (3:42)
  • How does implementing strategy differ from organization to organization? (11:33)
  • How can customer insights inform your strategy? (14:49)
  • How should a product team fit within the rest of the company, especially for new product development or innovation?(19:50)

Steven Haines

CEO of Sequent Learning Networks and the author of The Product Manager’s Survival Guide


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