Deciding with Data is Product Management

Jeremy Levy, CEO of Indicative, shares how leading product teams use data to build better products, and what it takes to make shift the way teams make decisions.

Jeremy is a serial entrepreneur who founded MetMoi, a pioneering mobile dating company with a user base of over 10 million that was acquired by, and Xtify, one the first mobile CRM companies, which was acquired by IBM.

At MeetMoi, Jeremy and his team realized that the data analytics tools that were available at the time fell short of their needs – so they built their own.

They built dashboards that enabled them to iterate and optimize their product in real-time.

After selling MeetMoi, he started his current company, Indicative. For the first time, Jeremy found himself managing a B2B product.

Consumer companies bring in new that they can run tests with by the thousands, but B2B companies have much smaller sample sizes of users. Jeremy’s shares how he conducts more qualitative research and uses that feedback to inform product decisions.

Jeremy says that it takes more than just tools to become a truly data-driven company. Companies need technology to capture and analyze data, a methodology for making decisions, and commitment to make change, he says.

Jeremy shares how companies including Rent the Runway and Prezi run tests and make data-driven decisions.

You’ll learn a lot from this episode about experimentation and data-driven decision making.

Here are the highlights:

Jeremy Levy

CEO of Indicative

Jeremy’s Recommended Resources on Deciding with Data

What Jeremy is Reading Right Now

Jeremy’s Favorite New Product Outside of Work

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