Creatively Saying No is Product Management

Erin Essex, Creative Director of Webonise, shares how to say ‘no’ without being confrontational and how to educate your team on when and how to do the same.


  • There are multiple risks involved with always saying yes, so why do we feel inclined to say yes and how do you learn to say no? (9:05)
  • What are the most common indications that you should say no to a request? (10:30)
  • With a process in place that makes saying no non-confrontational, what happens when midway through a project, an idea they thought was good turns out not to be? (13:45)
  • What’s a good first step to help product managers learn to say no more effectively? (15:20)
  • How can educating stakeholders on the product’s objectives and priorities help with saying no? (16:50)

Erin Essex

Creative Director of Webonise

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