Collaboration is Product Management

Helen Altshuler, CTO of Peer IQ and former Executive Director of Technology at JP Morgan Chase, shares how product managers can collaborate with designers and engineers in an agile environment, and how to communicate with the c-suite.


  • What role does collaboration play in delivering value to clients and why is it so important? (3:13)
  • How to keep the best collaboration practices from moving to the backburner and a deeper understanding of the agile development methodology. (6:13)
  • Helen’s insights into how to overcome obstacles agile sometimes introduces when collaborating with designers. (7:22)
  • What role does diversity play in the workplace and how does it affect collaboration? (8:27)
  • Helen’s advice for product managers that need to communicate to the C-suite. (10:07)

Helen Altshuler

CTO of Peer IQ and former Executive Director of Technology at JP Morgan Chase

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