Being in the Right Place is Product Management

Len Sherman, Executive in Residence at Columbia Business School and former Senior Executive at Accenture, discusses why so few companies sustain market leadership, what leadership is required to do so, and what product managers can do to make an impact.


  • Why do companies struggle to maintain market leadership? (4:00)
  • How can leaders rise to the challenge and push their companies to adapt? (5:30)
  • How can companies become better at executing on existing businesses while simultaneously investing in new businesses? (8:00)
  • What heuristics does Len use to evaluate whether or not companies have the leadership required to innovate? (11:50)
  • How should product managers approach incremental improvements vs. breakthrough innovation? (14:20)
  • What is one piece of classic business wisdom that has become obsolete? (16:50)
  • What are some practical examples of companies evolving within the marketplace? (22:00)

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