Attending Events is Product Management

Mike Belsito, Co-Founder of Product Collective and Organizer of the Industry conference, shares how product managers can find great conferences and how to make the most of networking opportunities at events.


  • As the Organizer of the Industry product management conference, what advice does Mike have for product people when it comes to networking? (5:35)
  • How can product managers qualify and prioritize which events and conferences to attend? (8:15)
  • What are best practices product people can apply to maximize the value they get from attending events? (11:40)
  • What time management advice does Mike have for product managers who are “too busy” to attend events? (14:35)
  • How can product managers outside of New York and San Francisco find quality product events for networking and learning? (16:30)

Mike Belsito

Co-Founder of Product Collective and Organizer of the Industry conference

What Mike is Reading


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