API Integration is Product Management

Mike Knoop, Chief Product Officer of Zapier, shares how API integrations can make a product more valuable to users and how product teams can develop empathy for customers.


  • How do product managers benefit from API integrations? (5:10)
  • How does the Foursquare API help users benefit from connecting powerful tools together? (7:00)
  • What is the future of API integrations and how will it impact product teams? (8:00)
  • With the importance of APIs growing for product managers, how does your team stay up to date and continue to add integrations as new SaaS tools arise? (9:45)
  • How have you handled feature requests with such a large partner network and how have partners contributed? (11:40)
  • How does Mike ensure that Zapier employees stay up to date with customer needs and behavior? (14:30)

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