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Unconventional Wisdom is Product Management

William Trump, Behavioral Science Advisor at iptiQ by Swiss Re, discusses how applying behavioral science when developing insurance products can help organizations understand what drives consumer behavior and motives them to buy.

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Conversation Design is Product Management

Daniel Stillman, conversation design facilitator and author of Good Talk, discusses what conversations are made of, and how organizations can design productive and collaborative conversations that help leaders, teams, and people work better together.

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Letting Users Lead is Product Management

Ashley Wali, VP of Product at, discusses the challenges and opportunities that come with being a product leader at an early-stage startup, plus how product managers can help other teams put the user at the center of their work.

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Building Fintech Products is Product Management

Anish Acharya, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, shares how his product background has helped guide his investment choices and shaped his belief that fintech products must put customer empathy at the center of development.

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Career Growth is Product Management

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia, founder of Product School, shares how product management has evolved, best practices for interviewing, and how to grow into a leadership role.

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Accelerating Change is Product Management

Rajesh Midha, Chief Strategy & Operating Officer at Bottle Rocket, discusses how organizations should embrace a growth mindset to build the right products and future-proof their businesses.

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Mike Behind the Mic is Product Management

After interviewing 249 thought leaders and executives, Mike Fishbein finally sits down to be interviewed himself. Anuraag Verma, the new host of This is Product Management, asks Mike how he’s applied the lessons he’s learned from past guests to his work and career.

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Speeding Up New Product Development is Product Management

Julia Barham, Innovation Product Manager at Nationwide, discusses the unique considerations at play when building digital experimentation cultures and fast product development strategies in the banking and finance industries.

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Scaling Operations is Product Management

Jackson Broadbent, Director of Product at DealCloud, shares how to successfully transition from an individual contributor to a product leader, and how to guide teams and products through high growth periods.

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Experimentation at Scale is Product Management

Rapha Cohen, Chief Product Officer at Waze, shares what it takes to be successful as a Chief Product Officer and his approach to experimentation at scale.

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Participant Engagement is Product Management

Zoe Dowling, Senior Vice President of Research at FocusVision, shares how to get actionable insights from research participants and her approach to turning data into impactful stories.

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Pivotal Growth Points is Product Management

Mike McDerment, co-founder and CEO of FreshBooks, shares his insights on product roadmapping, raising corporate venture capital, and long-term strategic planning.

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Operating in Day One is Product Management

Alex Kantrowitz, senior technology reporter at BuzzFeed and author of Always Day One, shares how companies can innovate and invent like a startup and compete with successful tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

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System 1 Research is Product Management

Anders Bengtsson, CEO of Protobrand, shares how to use system 1 research techniques to uncover what drives consumer behavior.

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Modern Consumer Insights is Product Management

Tiffany Ng, Head of Consumer Insights at Experian, discusses how to assemble a consumer insights team that can support a variety of research methodologies, and the ways organizations can relentlessly focus on the consumer.

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Building Without Ego is Product Management

Elizabeth Zalman, co-founder and CEO of strongDM, shares key leadership, fundraising, and go-to-market strategies for entrepreneurs, including how to navigate the challenge of starting over in the search for product-market fit.

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Humble Branding is Product Management

Chris Konya, Managing Director of Sylvain Labs, discusses the keys to creating purpose-led brands that will prioritize customer values and grab consumer attention.

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Innovation in Mobile Banking is Product Management

Alex Sion, co-head of Citi Ventures’ D10X, shares his insights on innovating at large companies, and how leaders can manage through growth cycles in industries that are being heavily disrupted by technology and changing consumer preferences.

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Vulnerability is Product Management

Lina Bedi, Naimeesha Murthy, and Monica Rozenfeld, founders of Her Product Lab, discuss how their shared passion for empowering women in tech propelled them to build a community for the women in product development who build, design, and create.

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Distributed Decision Making is Product Management

Paige Costello, product leader at Asana, shares how product teams can optimize their processes to achieve team productivity and innovate at scale.

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