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David Allen: There Are No Problems, Only Projects

Even at 73, David Allen Can’t Stop Getting Things Done.

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The 7 Best Product Management Tools

There are a wealth of tools that can help product managers build better products. This article covers seven of the best.

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Customer Discovery: 5 Key Lessons from Product Leaders

Customer discovery entails testing assumptions about who your customer is and the problem that you're solving for them. Learn five lessons from our guests.

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What’s the Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Research?

The most effective product teams today combine qualitative and quantitative market research with experimentation to make decision through the product lifecycle.

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How to Iterate on a Product Concept

Seven strategies for testing a product concept and making decisions that lead to successful products.

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New Product Development: 8 Lessons From Top Executives

New product development helps companies deliver better experiences to their customers and ultimately, achieve meaningful and sustainable business results. This article covers the eight best lessons on modern best practcies from This is Product Management guests including Eric Ries, Melissa Perry, and Jeff Gothelf.

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How to Explore a New Market Opportunity

Deciding if a market opportunity is worth pursuing and building the right products and features to seize that opportunity requires gaining insights about what customers want and using that data to make decisions throughout the product lifecycle. Learn best practices from four product leaders.

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Product Research: How to Learn What Your Users Really Want

If you conduct product research the right way, you will identify market opportunities and gain meaningful customer insights that will help you make better decisions. This article covers how product research compares to market research and the best strategies for conducting product research throughout the product lifecycle.

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How to Create a Strategic Business Unit

A strategic business unit is a small organization within a larger organization tasked with building a new product or exploring a new market. Creating a new strategic business for new product development has become a common approach for companies who want to adapt to changing customer needs and grow their market share.

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How to Develop Your Product Strategy

This guide covers how to fit product strategy development into your other planning activities, the four key components of an effective product strategy, and when to iterate on your strategy.

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Concept Testing: 6 Lessons From Product Leaders

It’s critical for product managers decide which products and features will have the most significant impact. Fortunately, the guests of This is Product Management have shared their best concept testing strategies - from surveys to prototypes.

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How to Create a Product Roadmap

A product roadmap aligns product teams, key stakeholders throughout the organization, and customers on the product strategy and priorities. This article shares nine strategies for creating a product roadmap that works.

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