Jobs to Be Done is Product Management

Karen Dillon, Contributing Editor of Harvard Business Review and co-author of Competing Against Luck, dissects the most common problems with corporate innovation efforts and shares how understanding customers' job to be done can help product teams make better decisions.

(2:50) How does Karen use Disruption Theory to help companies innovate?
(5:35) What are the most common corporate innovation strategies today?
(7:30) How does “jobs to be done” inform product and feature development? 
(9:30) How can companies discover their customers’ jobs to be done?
(11:30) What companies have successfully adopted the “jobs to be done” framework?
(13:00) What are best practices for adopting the “jobs to be done” framework?
(15:30) How can product teams track their progress towards helping customers’ achieve their “jobs to be done”?

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