Go-To-Market Strategy is Product Management

Marc Sirkin, CMO at SpendBoss and former Director at PWC, shares how product managers can support go-to-market strategy and his advice for unlocking collaboration between product management and marketing teams.

(7:04) How do the roles of marketing and product impact Go-to-Market strategy at large enterprises and small companies?
(9:17) What are Marc’s recommendations for large enterprises looking to invest in and support Go-to-Market strategies?
(12:41) Many product managers think the concept of a product launch is outdated. What impact does this have on Go-to-Market strategies?
(14:12) What metrics does Marc use to qualify success?
(16:50) How does Marc think marketing will change over the coming years?  

What Marc is reading
Super Better by Jane McGonigal
The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene  
Game of Thrones: A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin