Breakthrough Innovation is Product Management

Flavio Masson, Head of Innovation at AARP Life Reimagined, shares the mindsets and culture needed for breakthrough innovation and the key metrics to consider when validating and scaling a new product or feature.

(3:35) How does Flavio effectively introduce companies to breakthrough innovation?
(4:50) If real breakthroughs come from a shift in mindsets, what is the best approach to changing corporate mindsets to being patient and long-term focused?
(6:05) What tools does AARP use to validate new concepts with the market?
(7:45) What metrics are most effective when using a lean validation process?
(9:35) How does Flavio’s approach to product change as an innovation begins to scale and mature?
(13:30) What are some best practices for reshaping company culture and breaking the status quo?
What Flavio is Reading:
Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything